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Hotel News Now corrections policy

Hotel News Now recognizes its responsibility to correct factual errors of all types promptly on its website as soon as the error is brought to an editor’s attention. Hotel News Now’s goal is to be transparent and honest in its reporting, and marking corrections serves all readers. The onus for errors in articles falls on Hotel News Now, and we take full responsibility and accountability when errors are found. Minor errors of spelling, punctuation, etc., will be corrected on our website without notice.

A complaint about an error from a source, a reader or a staff member should be reported, investigated and rectified quickly. A correction, if needed, will follow immediately.

In the event of a delay of more than a month, the correction should clarify how recently the error was discovered or why the checking took so long. The justification should also acknowledge a reporting or editing lapse, if that may be the case. Information or data is deemed correct on date of publication, unless otherwise notified. Once reviewed, we’ll determine if any action needs to be taken.

In the case that Hotel News Now has been misinformed by another company or reference work, the error can be attributed as such, “ … included in an erroneous profit figure from the company’s annual report.” After acknowledging the error, the correction will remind of the specific error with the correct statement.

It’s important for the Hotel News Now editorial staff to remain transparent and focus on accuracy. As our readers, we hope you won’t hesitate to bring the error to our attention. If so, please email so the inaccuracy can be reviewed and fixed, if necessary.

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