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HNN Editors
5 ways to improve responses on TripAdvisor
May 22 2015
By Patrick Mayock Hoteliers approach more approaches to TripAdvisor reviews than I can count. For the right approach, I went straight to the source.  
How The Clash became the voice of Choice
May 21 2015
By Shawn A. Turner Do you like The Clash? I hope so. You’re going to be hearing them a lot more often now thanks to Choice’s new marketing campaign.
How Canada can become the next US
May 20 2015
By Samantha Worgull This is not a foolproof plan. But the country has strong potential to become an economic powerhouse. 
Coming to grips with leisure tourism entities
May 19 2015
By Terence Baker Companies such as TUI Travel and Thomas Cook operate in different ways to the traditional global hotel chains but still take away some occupancy. 
Alt accommodations no panacea for growth
May 15 2015
By Patrick Mayock OTAs such as the Priceline Group are turning to alternative accommodations as a way to accelerate growth. Those efforts might be misguided.
STR and STR Global
How hoteliers can monetize rentals by owners
April 27 2015
By Jan Freitag Many within the industry have bemoaned the influence of rent-by-owner platforms such as Airbnb. But the savviest owners see them as a way to make money. 
Freitag's 5: Is sustained supply growth here?
April 24 2015
By Jan Freitag With the 12-month moving average reaching new highs in occupancy, March saw records across the board for the U.S. hotel industry’s key performance indicators. 
Freitag’s 5: Rate keeps US party rolling
February 25 2015
By Jan Freitag RevPAR in January was driven primarily by ADR, continuing the trend seen throughout most of 2014, according to an analysis from STR’s Jan Freitag. 
How to monetize Instagram
May 13 2015
By Sam Trotter Instagram is finally allowing companies the ability to link to an e-commerce store. This represents a huge new monetization opportunity for hotels. Here’s how to take advantage.
The big digital strategy myth
April 8 2015
By Tim Peter So much of what makes digital effective has to do with an organization’s culture and leadership. Here are four things successful companies value when it comes to digital strategy.
TripAdvisor moves profitable—for TripAdvisor
March 9 2015
By Sam Trotter TripAdvisor wants to make even more money from its place in the travel industry.
The benefits of weird wellness in hotels
May 21 2015
By Larry Mogelonsky MGM and IHG are hip to the wellness trend. Other hotel companies would be wise to follow their lead.
The basics of a good hotel
May 15 2015
By George Jordan A hotel can either be good or bad; it’s black and white. Get back to basics and inspect your hotel. Start with these four pillars.
How to bring out the best in staff, guests
May 15 2015
By Doug Kennedy When we bring out the best in others it also brings out the best in our own personalities and makes for more pleasant guest interactions.
Should you conduct employee background checks?
May 22 2015
By Charles A. Conine Despite the cost of conducting background checks, hotel owners should think of the check as an investment in the hotel’s overall security and reputation. 
How to respond to negative online reviews
May 13 2015
By Ilse Scott While there are best practices for responding to online reviews, sometimes negative reviews can be damaging to business. In these situations, legal recourse is available.
Licensing sees ratification in Trump case
April 27 2015
By Jason B. Binford A protracted legal case involving Donald Trump’s hotel and casino empire appears to be over, with ratification on trademark law applicable to all hoteliers.
ISHC Global Insights
10 ways to approach emerging markets
May 19 2015
By Scott Antel There are challenges aplenty when it comes to doing business in global emerging markets. Here are 10 ways to make the process go more smoothly.
Meet the new Miami
March 25 2015
By Gregory T. Bohan Today’s Miami has a distinctly different feel than the Miami of old. That change is all for the better.
The capital-light continuum
March 3 2015
By Jon R. Simon As hotel companies continue their asset-light strategies, their vacation ownership divisions evolve to continue to grow revenue.
Hoteliers should think of profits first
May 4 2015
By Marc Grossman It’s true that people are important to the hotel business, but owners shouldn’t be afraid to think of profits first and foremost. All good things will follow good profits.
Why investors are lured to Central America
April 21 2015
By Jonathan Kracer Central America’s hotel industry is getting a lot of attention these days from investors who are willing to look past infrastructure and security issues in the region.
How to reach the hotel opening finish line
March 20 2015
By Thomas Conran The path to a hotel opening is a long and winding road. Here’s how to navigate the journey successfully.
Revenue Management
How to win in hotel revenue management
May 5 2015
By Ted Arps Now is the time to audit your revenue management practices. In so doing, you will be preparing your company for the eventual downturn.
How to raise hotel rates—at any rate
April 24 2015
By W. Chris Green Now is the time to adopt specific strategies to maximize rooms revenue. These five tips will help you get there. 
Optimization entails cross-discipline approach
November 14 2014
By Susan Spencer With the convergence of sales, marketing and revenue management, stakeholders must ask how best to structure these disciplines to take advantage. 
Sales & Marketing
The 3 pillars of real-time marketing at hotels
April 29 2015
By Robert A. Rauch Real-time marketing takes place on a regular basis while incorporating quality content, revenue management and social media. 
How to convert calls, lower distribution costs
March 24 2015
By Doug Kennedy Hoteliers can offer phone-only rate specials to circumvent OTA bookings, thus lowering distribution costs.
Make reputation management a top priority
March 6 2015
By Robert A. Rauch Ensure that reputation management is a top focus among your team by setting goals and being present on review sites.
ADR, not occupancy, drives RevPAR, study finds
Out of the box: Modular construction matures
Examining the ADR conundrum in NYC
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How Choice Hotels is redefining itself
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Smooth sailing so far in ABF migration
Charlestowne sees rising tide for indies
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