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HNN Editors
Hoteliers, please stop with the weird wellness
December 17 2014
By Alicia Hoisington Innovation in the hotel industry is a good thing—to a point. At least one resort is taking the wellness trend too far.
5 reasons to be bullish about 2015
December 16 2014
By Ed Watkins It’s difficult to conjure a scenario—short of the dreaded black swan—in which 2015 won’t be a bang-up year for the hotel industry. Here are a few reasons for optimism.
Building a boutique isn’t always the answer
December 12 2014
By Ed Watkins Millennial-focused boutique hotels are the rage among developers, but there is also room in the market for an independent product that’s pleased guests for decades.
Why Expedia is kicking your butt
December 12 2014
By Patrick Mayock The online travel agency is pulling all the right levers to grow its share of gross hotel bookings.
3 ways I could ruin your hotel opening
December 11 2014
By Shawn A. Turner You spent countless months getting your pristine new property ready for public consumption. And then you invite journalists to the party, at which point things begin to go terribly wrong in three listicle-friendly ways.
STR and STR Global
Freitag’s 5: Another record month of US growth
December 3 2014
By Jan Freitag STR’s Jan Freitag presents five things to know about U.S. October data.
Haunted hotels in the US: An interactive map
October 28 2014
By Stephen R. Hennis STR Analytics has found 419 hotels in the U.S. that are said to be haunted by at least 629 ghosts. View an interactive guide of the haunts.
Freitag’s 5: August demand surpasses July high
October 6 2014
By Jan Freitag Demand in the U.S. hotel industry grew 4.8% during August, exceeding July’s 4.7% growth, according to STR data.
Localized datasets can outweigh big data
December 10 2014
By Kevin Coleman Big data brings benefits to the hospitality sector, but don't overlook insights to be gained from looking at localized datasets first.
3 ways to win the group customer online
November 12 2014
By Vikram Krishnan and Dan Kowalewski The group customer is the next battleground in online distribution. To win this war, generate loyalty and drive brand preference, hoteliers must follow these three steps.
How open booking impacts the hotel industry
October 17 2014
By Michelle Grant Technology will continue to advance to better track off-channel bookings for hotels, and the industry will be able to leverage the information generated to work better with corporate clients.
6 hotel trends to keep an eye on
December 17 2014
By Amy Jakubowski Partnering with local artists and an influx of lifestyle brands are two trends that likely will continue in the year ahead.
How to stop the workplace bully
December 12 2014
By Charles A. Conine Why do some employees bully? To paraphrase an old expression: because they can. Remove the power to act at will, and the workplace bully will have no voice.
FF&E shipping trends that cut costs
December 8 2014
By Darlene Henke If time can be allotted in the schedule on the front end, there can be significant savings on the budget and better execution during delivery of FF&E.
US election results bode well for hotel sector
November 17 2014
By Bakulesh 'Buggsi' Patel The American public has made its voice heard. And this month’s election results put the hotel industry in position to bolster bottom lines.
Franchisors: Striking out in bankruptcy court
November 10 2014
By Jason B. Binford Bankruptcy and the timing of the filings can have an effect on a franchisee’s rights in a dispute with its franchisor.
Data: Why LA hotels are minimum wage targets
October 22 2014
By Randy Pullen Politicians are using Los Angeles hotels as an example but are making an argument based on false assumptions and faulty data.
ISHC Global Insights
Guest service more important than ever
August 8 2014
By Thomas K. Tritschler Hospitality always will be about an experience, an emotion. It’s not something guests can take home and put on a shelf.
US lags in high-speed rail
July 15 2014
By Gregory T. Bohan
Several high-speed rail projects are in the development pipeline in the U.S., and the tourism industry is taking notice. 
Welcome, embrace Chinese tourists
July 8 2014
By Ron Watanabe The Chinese are traveling in greater numbers, and countries such as the United States must do more to accommodate them.
How to choose the best franchise contract
November 24 2014
By Gary Isenberg The lure of the hotel business holds many pitfalls for the first-time hotel investor.  Here’s how one investor worked through the process.
Public-private partnerships fuel hotel growth
October 30 2014
By Charles G. Renner A public-private partnership can be a key tool for hotel development.
4 tips to selecting a hotel management company
October 16 2014
By Matthew Arrants Owners should follow these four steps before selecting a hotel management company.
Revenue Management
Optimization entails cross-discipline approach
November 14 2014
By Susan Spencer With the convergence of sales, marketing and revenue management, stakeholders must ask how best to structure these disciplines to take advantage. 
Revenue management tips for the busy executive
November 3 2014
By Nicole Young Communicating clear expectations, asking the appropriate questions and guiding strategic conversations might make your strategy meetings and monthly reviews one of the highlights of your week.
How to be a revenue leader of the 21st century
October 20 2014
By Bonnie Buckhiester What century are we in? The 20th or the 21st? No longer can we in the industry use antiquated approaches and attitudes to manage demand.
Sales & Marketing
People are still No. 1 key to hospitality
December 16 2014
By Doug Kennedy
Accommodations and amenities account for 10% of the guest experience. The other 90%? It’s all about interactions with hotel staff. 
Why ROI isn’t the best metric for marketing
December 15 2014
By Steven V. Seghers ROI is nearly obsolete for marketing, rarely fully understood, and it doesn’t actually provide a clear path of success in terms of driving top-line revenue or meeting the business goals of the hotel.
Creating boom-time loyalty for the long term
December 12 2014
By Jeffrey Low A strong hotel business environment like the present is a great time to build customer loyalty for the future.
15 insane hotel predictions for 2015
Airbnb accounts for 5.4% of NYC demand
AC brand enters US, 50 more on tap
NYC Plaza saga continues to unwind
Amazon, Alibaba to shake up distribution game
IHG’s Kimpton buy a ‘perfect fit,’ CEO says
Wyndham focused on management
Greg Mount talks RLHC's turnaround
The Lodging Conference in review: Day Two
The Lodging Conference in review: Day One
US supply growth not a problem
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