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HNN Editors
A study guide on Airbnb, rate parity updates
August 27 2015
By Stephanie Ricca Fire up the printer and get out your highlighter because you’ll want to share these articles. 
Rinsing data to find Europe’s cleanest hotels
August 25 2015
By Terence Baker While remembering not to tar all hotels in any country with one brush, new research pinpoints Europe’s cleanest, and dirtiest, hotels. Bring the Purell.
Starwood’s Sheraton designator not so ‘grand’
August 21 2015
By Patrick Mayock Starwood has devised a solid plan to rejuvenate its struggling Sheraton brand. I just fear the “Grand” designator sends the wrong message about the rest of the portfolio.  
6 security best practices for your hotel
August 20 2015
By Stephanie Ricca Recent natural disasters and terror attacks on hotels left me wondering: How well do you know your hotel’s safety procedures, and could you be doing more? 
Supply creep ends if staff vacation together
August 18 2015
By Terence Baker Swedish academics recently showed that staff who vacation together are healthier, and thus the cure for supply creep might have been found.
STR and STR Global
The hotel industry’s most overused clichés
August 12 2015
By Steve Hennis and Carter Wilson The hotel industry is awash in awful phraseology that has become so ubiquitous that it now borders on almost meaningless. Here are some of the worst offenders. 
The 15th year: Observations from NYU 2015
June 10 2015
By Jan Freitag Record attendance and record occupancy brought together a group of giddy investors to look for deals, yield and new brands at the NYU Investment Conference.
Freitag’s 5: Annualized occupancy at new high
May 29 2015
By Jan Freitag Annualized occupancy was pushed up to 65% in the U.S. during April.
Hoteliers should be concerned about Airbnb
July 9 2015
By David Kong Only through being involved can we ensure that our interests, as well as the interests of the traveling public, are being protected when it comes to Airbnb and the sharing economy.
A cheat sheet to drive direct business
July 8 2015
By Tim Peter You still have time to make 2015 a great year for direct booking growth. Follow these six tips to help get you there.
How hotels can reclaim the booking process
June 10 2015
By Dan Kowalewski and Chris Rawlings OTAs own the booking experience with guests. Here’s how hoteliers can win that space back.
Airbnb not just a worry, but ‘tectonic shift’
August 26 2015
By George Jordan It’s Economics 101: The change train—Airbnb—is heading down the tracks. Time to get on board.
Why hoteliers are twisting traditional design
August 10 2015
By Harry Wheeler As traveler trends change over time, so does the look, feel and experience we provide to valued guests.
2 ways to embrace the ‘nextperiential’ guest
June 29 2015
By W. Chris Green The guest of the future wants a stay that centers on experiences and is complemented by mobile technology. The retail space provides an excellent model. 
Keep your eyes on Google’s antitrust case
August 24 2015
By Jackie Grech Thanks to a two-week extension, Google will now have until late August to respond to allegations that it artificially favors its own shopping service.
Rate parity’s legal landscape
August 12 2015
By Ilse Scott The last decade has brought several significant changes to how hotels and online travel agencies deal with rate parity around the world. Here’s the latest on what’s next.
The real meaning of new overtime rules
July 29 2015
By Randy Pullen The real meaning of the proposed overtime rules is quite clear: Shift the cost of government to the private sector and promote the growth of unions.
ISHC Global Insights
The problem with chains branding boutique
August 26 2015
By Becka Chester Chains that brand boutique and lifestyle will face challenges to truly distinguish themselves, remain relevant and set themselves apart.
8 pre-opening priorities for owners
July 23 2015
By Kristie Dickinson Developing a hotel? Don’t leave home without this checklist of key issues that will ensure operational success. 
In renovations, hard lessons in room acoustics
June 24 2015
By Jeff Loether When changing from carpet to hard flooring in guestrooms, make sure your renovation and upgrade sounds as good as it looks.
Do we need to worry about China?
August 17 2015
By Ed Watkins A shaky stock market and worries of an economic bubble bursting in China are beginning to worry hotel company executives who rely on Chinese visitors and investors. 
Sub-Saharan Africa: Why hotels, why now?
July 16 2015
By Xander Nijnens Africa’s hospitality boom has proven particularly profitable as global hotel operators pursue business travel dollars. 
Caribbean hoteliers wake up to Cuba threat
July 6 2015
By Ed Watkins Caribbean hoteliers and tourism officials are finally waking up to the reality of Cuba as a major competitor. Their response might be too little, too late.
Revenue Management
Analysis: Exchange rate impact on US rates
August 5 2015
By Jan Freitag The dollar has appreciated markedly against the euro. What’s the impact on average daily rate?
How to win in hotel revenue management
May 5 2015
By Ted Arps Now is the time to audit your revenue management practices. In so doing, you will be preparing your company for the eventual downturn.
How to raise hotel rates—at any rate
April 24 2015
By W. Chris Green Now is the time to adopt specific strategies to maximize rooms revenue. These five tips will help you get there. 
Sales & Marketing
Las Vegas transformation comes full circle
August 19 2015
By Marc Grossman Las Vegas has been a city of transformation for decades. Here’s a look at where the city started to where it is today.
Hotels have advantage in travel manager talks
August 5 2015
By Jeff Higley Hotel sales executives and corporate travel managers agree there’s an ebb-and-flow in their relationship, and right now hoteliers have the advantage.
Always be ready to grab group business
August 3 2015
By Andria Goldin What’s the secret to capturing group business? Always know that company’s coming.
Airbnb casts a long-term shadow
Investors shift as Starwood’s review rolls on
13 hotelier takeaways for year 2020
Hoteliers embrace the Age of Authenticity
How to create a better comp set
Right brand, location matter in financing game
The hotel industry’s most overused clichés
Apple stays true to its core post IPO
MCR pursuing smart hotel development
Deconstructing a guest review
With every great opportunity? A challenge
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