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HNN Editors
Consolidation coming to an OTA near you
January 23 2015
By Patrick Mayock Expedia just snatched up Travelocity. And Orbitz is reportedly on the market. Just another week in the world of OTA consolidation. 
OTAs evolving; your move, hoteliers
January 22 2015
By Shawn A. Turner Nehow and recently have shown a willingness to further customize the booking process. 
Sizing up Marriott’s bold Snapchat move
January 21 2015
By Samantha Worgull Marriott’s decision to launch a Snapchat marketing campaign comes as no surprise. But to get the job done, the company’s approach relies heavily on influencers. 
Hotel fragmentation or consolidation in 2015?
January 20 2015
By Terence Baker The general consensus in Europe is 2015 will be the year of consolidation, but one voice believes that as fast as that happens, fragmentation will appear even more quickly amid an ever less loyal consumer base.
Meet the distribution world’s newest rock star
January 16 2015
By Patrick Mayock ELong CEO Guangfu Cui wowed the crowd at Expedia’s Partner Conference with a healthy mix of acerbic wit, blunt honesty and enough charisma to fill a Las Vegas casino. 
STR and STR Global
Freitag’s 5: Demand dominates in December
January 23 2015
By Jan Freitag Hotel performance grew to new heights in the U.S. during December, according to STR data.
14 points from ’14: Europe’s hotels rebound
January 20 2015
By Elizabeth Winkle STR Global presents 14 things from 2014 you should know about European hotel performance.
Freitag’s 5: RevPAR up 57 consecutive months
December 23 2014
By Jan Freitag Demand grew by “only” 3.4% during November, fueling the 57th consecutive month of RevPAR growth in the U.S. hotel industry. 
Balance digital with human interaction
January 16 2015
By Pamela J.W. Barnhill Digital is the way of the future, but hoteliers have to remember that personal interaction still has its place.
3 ways to compete with OTAs
January 14 2015
By Tim Peter Your competition can’t know your own guests better than you. Use that familiarity to your advantage.
Localized datasets can outweigh big data
December 10 2014
By Kevin Coleman Big data brings benefits to the hospitality sector, but don't overlook insights to be gained from looking at localized datasets first.
Miami Beach’s Met holds a formula for success
January 23 2015
By Larry Mogelonsky Leave it up to Singapore-based Como Hotels & Resorts to take its turn at reinventing the Miami Beach luxury experience.
Sometimes it’s OK to break the rules
January 12 2015
By Ed Watkins While it’s easiest for an employee to follow a hotel’s procedures and policies, it’s not always the right course of action. GMs need to encourage and reinforce empowerment among their employees.
Hotel asset managers hold unique job in Brazil
January 7 2015
By Thais Perfeito In Brazil, asset managers' lives are made more fraught by complicated business models starting from initial development all the way through to operations.
How to prevent, handle employee theft
December 19 2014
By Andria Ryan Preventing employee theft can be a daunting task. Handling theft once it occurs, however, is also filled with pitfalls.
US election results bode well for hotel sector
November 17 2014
By Bakulesh 'Buggsi' Patel The American public has made its voice heard. And this month’s election results put the hotel industry in position to bolster bottom lines.
Franchisors: Striking out in bankruptcy court
November 10 2014
By Jason B. Binford Bankruptcy and the timing of the filings can have an effect on a franchisee’s rights in a dispute with its franchisor.
ISHC Global Insights
The present and future of FF&E sourcing
January 6 2015
By Alan Benjamin While global sourcing will continue to be the trend, as technology is transferred around the world, we might actually start to see a counter trend in the growth of locally sourced products.
Why ROI isn’t the best metric for marketing
December 15 2014
By Steven V. Seghers ROI is nearly obsolete for marketing, rarely fully understood, and it doesn’t actually provide a clear path of success in terms of driving top-line revenue or meeting the business goals of the hotel.
FF&E shipping trends that cut costs
December 8 2014
By Darlene Henke If time can be allotted in the schedule on the front end, there can be significant savings on the budget and better execution during delivery of FF&E.
How to choose the best franchise contract
November 24 2014
By Gary Isenberg The lure of the hotel business holds many pitfalls for the first-time hotel investor.  Here’s how one investor worked through the process.
Public-private partnerships fuel hotel growth
October 30 2014
By Charles G. Renner A public-private partnership can be a key tool for hotel development.
4 tips to selecting a hotel management company
October 16 2014
By Matthew Arrants Owners should follow these four steps before selecting a hotel management company.
Revenue Management
Optimization entails cross-discipline approach
November 14 2014
By Susan Spencer With the convergence of sales, marketing and revenue management, stakeholders must ask how best to structure these disciplines to take advantage. 
Revenue management tips for the busy executive
November 3 2014
By Nicole Young Communicating clear expectations, asking the appropriate questions and guiding strategic conversations might make your strategy meetings and monthly reviews one of the highlights of your week.
How to be a revenue leader of the 21st century
October 20 2014
By Bonnie Buckhiester What century are we in? The 20th or the 21st? No longer can we in the industry use antiquated approaches and attitudes to manage demand.
Sales & Marketing
Is it time to return to rate disparity?
January 13 2015
By Doug Kennedy It’s the perfect time to return to “selective” rate disparity as part of an overall channel conversion strategy to drive more direct bookings.
How to handle charitable donations
January 12 2015
By Marc Grossman There are many factors that a company must consider prior to settling on which philanthropic causes to support.
The future of Facebook in hotel marketing
December 18 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky Here are five top-of-mind issues for hotel marketers to consider as Facebook moves into its second decade of existence.
Are guests ready for keyless entry in hotels?
Caesars' Chapter 11 filing: 5 things to know
6 tenets of good hotel website design
German parity ruling opens doors for hoteliers
Europe regulators put pressure on rate parity
3 ways to compete with OTAs
Wyndham focused on management
Greg Mount talks RLHC's turnaround
The Lodging Conference in review: Day Two
The Lodging Conference in review: Day One
US supply growth not a problem
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