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HNN Editors
It’s time to fund highway improvements
April 23 2014
By Ed Watkins

The U.S. Congress needs to act before the end of summer or the Highway Trust Fund could run out of money, bringing to a halt much-needed improvements to the nation’s transportation system.

Crowdfunding further fragments hotel ownership
April 18 2014
By Patrick Mayock

Owners of the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs in California are turning to crowdfunding platform to stabilize their asset before reselling

Airline’s mistweet a lesson for all
April 17 2014
By Shawn A. Turner

There are lessons to be learned from US Airways’ adventures on Twitter this week—namely, to look before you tweet.

Dull UK budget contains few gems for hoteliers
April 16 2014
By Terence Baker

With the United Kingdom appearing to have left the recession, the hope was the government would do all it could to spur business. Its 2014 budget largely misses the mark.

Steady gas prices portend strong summer
April 15 2014
By Ed Watkins

Steady gasoline prices and a peaceful political climate might mean a strong travel season this summer for the U.S. hotel industry.

STR and STR Global
Thoughts on Airbnb, DMOs, taxes, millennials
April 21 2014
By Jan Freitag

With a multibillion-dollar valuation, Airbnb is not going anywhere and is establishing itself as a competitor for hotel demand.

Looking for a dark place
April 16 2014
By Jan Freitag

Hotel rooms have too much noise and light pollution. Designers should remedy the situation.

New gaming rules will alter Japan hotel market
April 7 2014
By Megumi Ishida

If integrated casino resorts are legalized, the Japanese economy could follow a similar trajectory to Macau's and Singapore's. 

How to generate more content for social media
April 17 2014
By Sam Trotter

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can follow these steps to generate easy content for your social media sites.

Using business intelligence in hotel marketing
April 9 2014
By Kevin Coleman

By harnessing the power of data, hotel marketers can better understand the performance of promotions and enhance campaign design and planning.

Balancing direct and indirect business
March 12 2014
By Tim Peter

Invest in your direct presence—particularly mobile—and pay distribution partners to help find and acquire only those guests you can’t reach yourself.

How to design hotels for wellness tourism
April 14 2014
By Jonathan Nehmer

Travelers want healthy options while on the road. Owners would do well to add wellness elements to their hotels.

What’s the point of points?
April 11 2014
By Jeffrey Low

A strong guest frequent-traveler program can drive value to a hotel, but it’s difficult to conclude whether it also drives loyalty.

6 ways to reduce employee turnover
April 9 2014
By Niraj "Neal" Dhanani

Employee turnover is unavoidable, but hoteliers can drive retention through a handful of simple best practices. 

Understanding non-compete covenants
March 7 2014
By Ben Hanuka

There are a lot of legal wrinkles involved in drafting a non-compete covenant, how the covenants work and how they can help franchisee owners.

Focus on bottom line in LOI for smooth sale
February 27 2014
By Mitchell Laufer

To reduce speed bumps and chart a smoother course, buyers and sellers should focus on the full breadth of deal terms contained in their letters of intent.

How to avoid harassment claims
January 27 2014
By Paul F. Pautler Jr.

A hospitality workplace is often ripe for harassment claims, so hoteliers should know how to avoid and limit their liability risks.

ISHC Global Insights
Canada to capture influx of foreign investment
March 11 2014
By Alam Pirani

A firm fiscal footing is attracting foreign investors to Canada’s hotel real estate market.

Investment in India problematic but possible
February 28 2014
By A.J. Singh

Hotel development in India can be a speculative venture, with debt and equity capital markets that are not sophisticated and generally opaque. 

Balancing equity between brands, owners
January 14 2014
By Chad Crandell

Taking an active role in ownership is critical when it comes to ensuring maximum value is squeezed out of a relationship with brand partners.

How capital stack changes affect value
April 10 2014
By Daniel H. Lesser

Although cap rates are down from the dramatic peak of 2008 and 2009, values continue to be roughly 12% off peak based on changes in hotel capital stack structures and returns.

Planning is the first step in capital spending
April 2 2014
By Lawrence Trabulsi and Andrew Leber

While few large projects ever go 100% to plan, common pitfalls can be avoided with proper planning, due diligence and effort.

Bankruptcies bring acquisition opportunities
March 26 2014
By Jason B. Binford

Buyers who understand the complexities of the U.S. bankruptcy system will be in the best position to acquire bankrupt assets.

Revenue Management
New revenue strategy needed to stay profitable
April 1 2014
By Patrick Bosworth

To regain competitiveness, hoteliers need to find ways to create value for consumers in the booking process. 

Operators must prepare for industry growth
March 31 2014
By Joseph Smith

A divergence in industry forecasts can’t obscure a deeper consensus: continued industry growth.

Making the move to dynamic pricing
March 6 2014
By Vish Bhatia

Dynamic pricing allows hoteliers to price-to-market in order to maximize top-line revenue potential.

Sales & Marketing
How to mitigate dependence on OTAs
April 18 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky

The OTA customer is not a hotelier’s customer. How can the hotelier combat the OTAs?

What’s the point of points?
April 11 2014
By Jeffrey Low

A strong guest frequent-traveler program can drive value to a hotel, but it’s difficult to conclude whether it also drives loyalty.

Have you forgotten about voice reservations?
March 27 2014
By Doug Kennedy

Voice remains a productive and important distribution channel as there is an interplay between voice and online. 

Tiered Wi-Fi emerges as new industry model
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How to mitigate dependence on OTAs
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