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HNN Editors
Last-ditch effort to save Brand USA
July 29 2014
By Ed Watkins As the U.S. Senate considers reauthorization of Brand USA, it’s important to set the record straight on the urgent need for tourism promotion.
June US hotel occupancy best of this century
July 25 2014
By Patrick Mayock The U.S. hotel industry posted occupancy of 71.7% last month, the best of any June this century. But just how long will the good times last?
Metasearch must be used smartly
July 24 2014
By Shawn A. Turner Metasearch is all the rage in the hotel industry, but just like with any other distribution channel, hotel companies have to use the channel smartly.
Are you ready for M&A fever?
July 22 2014
By Ed Watkins Unlike past economic cycles, this one hasn’t been marked by many hotel mergers, acquisitions or new brand introductions.
Hoteliers can learn from Airbnb’s rebrand
July 18 2014
By Patrick Mayock The Twitterverse had fun with Airbnb’s suggestive (provocative?) new logo. And that was the whole point. 
STR and STR Global
NYU ‘14: Naked cowboys and service delivery
June 10 2014
By Jan Freitag

Just like the Naked Cowboy’s newfound competition on the streets of Times Square, the thinking seems to be that if one is good, more must be better.

Next 12-15 months critical for growth
June 2 2014
By Elizabeth Winkle

Joy has spread to the hotel industry, with banks seemingly learning from the past. But the next 12 to 15 months will be critical to capitalize on this golden period.

Thoughts on Airbnb, DMOs, taxes, millennials
April 21 2014
By Jan Freitag

With a multibillion-dollar valuation, Airbnb is not going anywhere and is establishing itself as a competitor for hotel demand.

Mobile offers economic way to market hotels
July 14 2014
By Kristen Gramigna Mobile marketing provides an inexpensive way to reach customers through the tools they’ve come to rely on: smartphones and tablets.
5 ways to minimize intermediary costs
July 9 2014
By Tim Peter

Costs for acquiring guests are rising. Have you considered why?

Analysis of China’s distribution channels
July 3 2014
By Michelle Grant

Hoteliers in China face an array of options for distribution. Here’s a look at the five main and emerging channels.

5 tips for hotel job seekers
July 18 2014
By Kenneth R. Greger Here are five tips to help hotel job seekers stand out in the crowd.
5 ways to optimize hotel asset preservation
July 11 2014
By Kristin Knox-Attar Maintaining a hotel asset boils down to more than simply doing a little preventative maintenance a few times a year. Here are five steps to lengthen the useful life of assets. 
Brands adapt with urbanized hotel concept
July 9 2014
By Harry Wheeler Hotel companies are adapting their design philosophies to meeting the changing expectations of guests.
Regulating e-cigarette usage in hotels
July 28 2014
By Paul F. Pautler While there are still many unknowns regarding e-cigarettes, hoteliers can regulate them in the same way as traditional tobacco products.
Determine whether an agreement is executory
July 24 2014
By Jason B. Binford While it might not be easy to determine whether an agreement is executory, hoteliers should at least be aware of the issue.
How to avoid lawsuits from tipped employees
July 10 2014
By Andria Ryan

In January, the IRS implemented new guidelines for tips and service charges. Employers must understand the guidelines to effectively manage employees and avoid lawsuits.

ISHC Global Insights
US lags in high-speed rail
July 15 2014
By Gregory T. Bohan
Several high-speed rail projects are in the development pipeline in the U.S., and the tourism industry is taking notice. 
Welcome, embrace Chinese tourists
July 8 2014
By Ron Watanabe The Chinese are traveling in greater numbers, and countries such as the United States must do more to accommodate them.
Data drives profits with one version of truth
June 17 2014
By Jay Troutman

Data that delivers one version of the truth of your numbers, in every business climate, can fuel your profitability. 

Expert thoughts on the hotel investment space
May 28 2014
By Michael Cahill and Michael Torres

Read key insight from the minds of those controlling the hotel real estate market.

What’s in store for brands and booking?
May 14 2014
By Gary Isenberg

The hotel industry must improve its marketing technology processes to maintain control and loyalty of its most precious commodity: guests. 

Private equity dives into all-inclusives
May 12 2014
By Jonathan Kracer

A major transformation within the all-inclusive resort segment is under way, as large private equity investors dedicate capital in the sector.

Revenue Management
Study customer segments to optimize profits
April 30 2014
By Tim Wiersma

Some hoteliers do not understand the contribution a particular customer can bring to a hotel or resort.

New revenue strategy needed to stay profitable
April 1 2014
By Patrick Bosworth

To regain competitiveness, hoteliers need to find ways to create value for consumers in the booking process. 

Operators must prepare for industry growth
March 31 2014
By Joseph Smith

A divergence in industry forecasts can’t obscure a deeper consensus: continued industry growth.

Sales & Marketing
How to implement a rooms upselling program
July 21 2014
By Doug Kennedy Use these best practices when it comes to creating a rooms upselling program to maximize profits.
A chain by any other name is still a chain
July 10 2014
By Jeffrey Low It’s time to make a clear delineation between soft-branded chain hotels and true independent properties.
10 tips to build a unique selling proposition
July 7 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky

With endless distractions and screen bombardment, you have at best five to 10 seconds to impress a prospective guest.

Hoteliers can learn from Airbnb’s rebrand
The secret to millennial loyalty? Service
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How to implement a rooms upselling program
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