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HNN Editors
Tourism focus must follow Scottish 'no' vote
September 22 2014
By Terence Baker The U.K. government has a golden opportunity to benefit the hotel industry on both sides of the border in the wake of a “no” vote against Scottish independence. 
Taking aim from the center of the hotel world
September 19 2014
By Patrick Mayock SAHIC was held in Quito this year, the Ecuadorian capital that lies 16 miles south of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, or the Middle of the World City. 
Know global market before entering
September 18 2014
By Shawn A. Turner Before diving headfirst into a market outside your home country, make sure you’ve fully researched every possible detail to ensure you are in lockstep with local customs.
Fighting off the unionization challenge
September 16 2014
By Ed Watkins Union membership is the U.S. is slipping, so organized labor is taking aim at healthy industries, such as hotels.
The technology difference for independents
September 12 2014
By Ed Watkins Cloud-based computing technology enables independent hotels to compete with branded properties.
STR and STR Global
Reality of recovery left up to interpretation
August 6 2014
By Stephen R. Hennis What one person views as risk, another person sees as opportunity. Such is the case when interpreting hotel industry performance. 
5 things to know: US June hotel performance
August 1 2014
By Jan Freitag One performance metric increased to its highest point of any June this century. 
NYU ‘14: Naked cowboys and service delivery
June 10 2014
By Jan Freitag

Just like the Naked Cowboy’s newfound competition on the streets of Times Square, the thinking seems to be that if one is good, more must be better.

Is your hotel ready for business intelligence?
September 10 2014
By Kevin Coleman Addressing a few keys areas where data quality is frequently lacking will pay big dividends to hotels and hotel companies looking to gain an edge.
Airbnb is an old idea with a new tech twist
August 29 2014
By Chip Conley
Hoteliers shouldn’t worry about Airbnb. However, they can learn from it, writes Airbnb’s head of global hospitality and strategy, Chip Conley.

Creating a digital ecosystem
August 13 2014
By Scot Hornick and Dan Kowalewski The hotel industry must get mobile technology right for digital strategy success.
New sustainability benchmark enters industry
September 18 2014
By Eric Ricaurte The emerging Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark joins a number of initiatives targeting responsible investment in commercial buildings.
Extreme minimum wage hike will hurt hotels
September 17 2014
By Robert Habeeb Companies that depend on the current minimum wage will have to restructure their business models if those pushing for an extreme increase to $14 an hour or more get their way.
Delta GM: Canadian brand expands experience
September 10 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky Delta Hotels and Resorts has a 50-year history in Canada. The GM of the new Delta Toronto says the brand can offer guests a local experience.
How bankruptcy affects franchise agreements
September 15 2014
By Jason B. Binford The bankruptcy filing of either the franchisor or franchisee can increase the uncertainty of how and when provisions of a franchise agreement will be enforced.
Fair franchising needs self regulation
September 12 2014
By Bakulesh 'Buggsi' Patel California Senate Bill 610 poses a threat to the fair-franchising model and adversely could affect consumers, franchisees and the State of California.
Keep patent trolls out of your hotel
July 29 2014
By Bakulesh 'Buggsi' Patel Don’t let yourself be a victim of patent trolls. Hoteliers should take action in the patent-reform fight.
ISHC Global Insights
Guest service more important than ever
August 8 2014
By Thomas K. Tritschler Hospitality always will be about an experience, an emotion. It’s not something guests can take home and put on a shelf.
US lags in high-speed rail
July 15 2014
By Gregory T. Bohan
Several high-speed rail projects are in the development pipeline in the U.S., and the tourism industry is taking notice. 
Welcome, embrace Chinese tourists
July 8 2014
By Ron Watanabe The Chinese are traveling in greater numbers, and countries such as the United States must do more to accommodate them.
Is hotel branding a dinosaur?
September 12 2014
By Pamela Barnhill The advent of soft brands might cloud the meaning and effectiveness of traditional hotel flags.
Owners, managers work together to gain success
September 5 2014
By Sarah Ozanne Ownership groups and management teams must partner together to achieve the desired results for an asset.
Prepare now for the next downturn
August 11 2014
By Joseph Smith By acting now, you will consolidate your gains and ensure that your people and your property are prepared for the next downturn.
Revenue Management
Study customer segments to optimize profits
April 30 2014
By Tim Wiersma

Some hoteliers do not understand the contribution a particular customer can bring to a hotel or resort.

New revenue strategy needed to stay profitable
April 1 2014
By Patrick Bosworth

To regain competitiveness, hoteliers need to find ways to create value for consumers in the booking process. 

Operators must prepare for industry growth
March 31 2014
By Joseph Smith

A divergence in industry forecasts can’t obscure a deeper consensus: continued industry growth.

Sales & Marketing
How to capture group demand
September 8 2014
By Doug Kennedy By conducting a sales audit, hoteliers will ensure their team is doing all it can to capture more than its fair share of group business.
How to merge face to face with technology
August 27 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky Hoteliers should work toward a hybrid model where face-to-face communications complement their electronic counterparts and vice versa. 
Enhancing a loyalty program with gamification
July 30 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky Restructuring your loyalty program through the concept of “gamification” might make it addictive to consumers.
Marriott keeps eyes on millennials
Danziger plans to grow Hampshire by thousands
Hoteliers diversify loyalty program offerings
Hoteliers taking notice of Airbnb, leaders say
Despite expansion, OTAs can’t replace brands
Stop ignoring your hotel’s unsung heroes
US supply growth not a problem
Low supply, group biz boost hotel sector
HDC attendees discuss revenue strategies
Hotel Data Conference: Day Two in review
Hotel Data Conference: Day One in review
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