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HNN Editors
How and when ‘lifestyle’ brands work
October 24 2014
By Patrick Mayock The recent smattering of lifestyle brand announcements had some lauding and others lamenting. This author falls somewhere in between. 
Investor panic over Ebola unjustified
October 23 2014
By Shawn A. Turner The downward pressure being exerted on U.S. hotel stock prices over Ebola fears is not logical. But then, whoever said investors were logical?
Expect new themes at The Lodging Conference
October 21 2014
By Ed Watkins The same conversations won't be prevalent this year at The Lodging Conference as the hotel industry deals with new global issues and challenges.
Can pay-what-you-want model work for hotels?
October 17 2014
By Patrick Mayock A restaurateur last week took prices off her menu and asked patrons to pay what they thought each meal was worth. She tripled her revenues in the process. Would hoteliers yield the same results?  
Element is lifestyle in its truest form
October 16 2014
By Samantha Worgull Element has carved out a unique niche within the lifestyle category, specifically in the extended-stay arena.
STR and STR Global
Freitag’s 5: August demand surpasses July high
October 6 2014
By Jan Freitag Demand in the U.S. hotel industry grew 4.8% during August, exceeding July’s 4.7% growth, according to STR data.
Reality of recovery left up to interpretation
August 6 2014
By Stephen R. Hennis What one person views as risk, another person sees as opportunity. Such is the case when interpreting hotel industry performance. 
5 things to know: US June hotel performance
August 1 2014
By Jan Freitag One performance metric increased to its highest point of any June this century. 
How open booking impacts the hotel industry
October 17 2014
By Michelle Grant Technology will continue to advance to better track off-channel bookings for hotels, and the industry will be able to leverage the information generated to work better with corporate clients.
Use hotel data to drive growth
October 8 2014
By Tim Peter The data you have available provides a strategic differentiator. Use it.
Is your hotel ready for business intelligence?
September 10 2014
By Kevin Coleman Addressing a few keys areas where data quality is frequently lacking will pay big dividends to hotels and hotel companies looking to gain an edge.
3 Obamacare decisions for hoteliers
October 15 2014
By Charles A. Conine National hotel chains are ready for the Affordable Care Act, but other employers are showing hesitation.
A hotelman gives Airbnb a try
October 14 2014
By Sean Hennessey A hotelier gives Airbnb a try for a couple of short business trips. Here’s what happened.
Millennials shift the hotel design landscape
October 8 2014
By Harry Wheeler By adjusting to the needs and desires of millennials, hotel designers have the opportunity to refine standards and create properties that cater to travelers of all ages.
Data: Why LA hotels are minimum wage targets
October 22 2014
By Randy Pullen Politicians are using Los Angeles hotels as an example but are making an argument based on false assumptions and faulty data.
How bankruptcy affects franchise agreements
September 15 2014
By Jason B. Binford The bankruptcy filing of either the franchisor or franchisee can increase the uncertainty of how and when provisions of a franchise agreement will be enforced.
Fair franchising needs self regulation
September 12 2014
By Bakulesh 'Buggsi' Patel California Senate Bill 610 poses a threat to the fair-franchising model and adversely could affect consumers, franchisees and the State of California.
ISHC Global Insights
Guest service more important than ever
August 8 2014
By Thomas K. Tritschler Hospitality always will be about an experience, an emotion. It’s not something guests can take home and put on a shelf.
US lags in high-speed rail
July 15 2014
By Gregory T. Bohan
Several high-speed rail projects are in the development pipeline in the U.S., and the tourism industry is taking notice. 
Welcome, embrace Chinese tourists
July 8 2014
By Ron Watanabe The Chinese are traveling in greater numbers, and countries such as the United States must do more to accommodate them.
4 tips to selecting a hotel management company
October 16 2014
By Matthew Arrants Owners should follow these four steps before selecting a hotel management company.
Downturns always follow a similar scenario
September 24 2014
By Joel Ross How do downturns happen? Today’s young lenders overplay their hand and think they can do it better than the generation that came before.
Is hotel branding a dinosaur?
September 12 2014
By Pamela Barnhill The advent of soft brands might cloud the meaning and effectiveness of traditional hotel flags.
Revenue Management
How to be a revenue leader of the 21st century
October 20 2014
By Bonnie Buckhiester What century are we in? The 20th or the 21st? No longer can we in the industry use antiquated approaches and attitudes to manage demand.
Big data will create commercial revolution
October 6 2014
By Calvin Anderson Now, more than ever, it is crucial that revenue professionals find balance in their careers to allow time to feed the innovative side of their revenue analytics minds.
Study customer segments to optimize profits
April 30 2014
By Tim Wiersma

Some hoteliers do not understand the contribution a particular customer can bring to a hotel or resort.

Sales & Marketing
Think qualitatively about guest reviews
October 21 2014
By Larry Mogelonsky Think qualitatively and look for commonalities in online reviews to boost your overall rating and increase bookings.
8 traps of independent loyalty program design
October 10 2014
By Jeffrey Low Be sure to consult this list of do’s and don’ts before launching your own hotel loyalty program.
9 tips on how to handle the media
September 30 2014
By Marc Grossman Follow these nine good rules of thumb to maximize your encounters with the media.
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A hotelman gives Airbnb a try
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