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HNN Editors
Hotel taxes rank low on UK pols’ to-do lists
April 28 2015
By Terence Baker A reduction in taxes that would allow the U.K.'s hotel industry to be more competitive with its European peers ranks near or at the bottom of the list for most politicians seeking office in the General Election.
5 fascinating guest satisfaction facts
April 24 2015
By Patrick Mayock The American Consumer Satisfaction Index has a lot of revealing information about satisfaction across brands, chains and the hotel industry. Here are the top five. 
Imagining a world without hotel brands …
April 23 2015
By Shawn A. Turner The anti-hotel-brand movement is underway. Here are four ways the hotel industry would be different if brands didn’t exist.
Reinvention not always reaction to disruption
April 21 2015
By Terence Baker The Madrid edition of the World Travel & Tourism Council had the theme “disruption and reinvention,” but is it always sensible to see one as a reaction to the other?
Interim CEO? Not the case for Starwood
April 17 2015
By Patrick Mayock Starwood Hotels’ Adam Aron might be CEO on an interim basis—but then what CEO isn’t?
STR and STR Global
How hoteliers can monetize rentals by owners
April 27 2015
By Jan Freitag Many within the industry have bemoaned the influence of rent-by-owner platforms such as Airbnb. But the savviest owners see them as a way to make money. 
Freitag's 5: Is sustained supply growth here?
April 24 2015
By Jan Freitag With the 12-month moving average reaching new highs in occupancy, March saw records across the board for the U.S. hotel industry’s key performance indicators. 
Freitag’s 5: Rate keeps US party rolling
February 25 2015
By Jan Freitag RevPAR in January was driven primarily by ADR, continuing the trend seen throughout most of 2014, according to an analysis from STR’s Jan Freitag. 
The big digital strategy myth
April 8 2015
By Tim Peter So much of what makes digital effective has to do with an organization’s culture and leadership. Here are four things successful companies value when it comes to digital strategy.
TripAdvisor moves profitable—for TripAdvisor
March 9 2015
By Sam Trotter TripAdvisor wants to make even more money from its place in the travel industry.
Mobile not a trend, but a reality
February 11 2015
By Robert A. Rauch Having an understanding and a strategy for digital technology and mobile sites are key to reaching the “new” traveler.
Sustainable hotel design gaining momentum
April 22 2015
By Harry Wheeler Hotel owners, developers and designers must work together to provide creative solutions to embrace the environmental movement.
How to reduce energy consumption in hotels
April 22 2015
By Celine Vadam Energy accounts for 60% of a property’s carbon footprint. Hoteliers can reduce that number through low-cost, high-impact steps—many of which are being pushed by global chains. 
How to help staff empathize with guests
April 20 2015
By Doug Kennedy To ensure frontline staffers care about guests, make sure they understand the various situations that play out on the other side of the front desk. 
Licensing sees ratification in Trump case
April 27 2015
By Jason B. Binford A protracted legal case involving Donald Trump’s hotel and casino empire appears to be over, with ratification on trademark law applicable to all hoteliers.
How to implement a cyberattack protection plan
March 16 2015
By Lara Shortz Having a data-breach plan in place can help you act quickly, prevent further loss and assist in avoiding hefty fines.
Do’s and don’ts for franchisors, franchisees
February 10 2015
By Michaelle L. Baumert Franchisors and franchisees should understand common mistakes that can make it appear that “joint employment” exists.
ISHC Global Insights
Meet the new Miami
March 25 2015
By Gregory T. Bohan Today’s Miami has a distinctly different feel than the Miami of old. That change is all for the better.
The capital-light continuum
March 3 2015
By Jon R. Simon As hotel companies continue their asset-light strategies, their vacation ownership divisions evolve to continue to grow revenue.
The present and future of FF&E sourcing
January 6 2015
By Alan Benjamin While global sourcing will continue to be the trend, as technology is transferred around the world, we might actually start to see a counter trend in the growth of locally sourced products.
Why investors are lured to Central America
April 21 2015
By Jonathan Kracer Central America’s hotel industry is getting a lot of attention these days from investors who are willing to look past infrastructure and security issues in the region.
How to reach the hotel opening finish line
March 20 2015
By Thomas Conran The path to a hotel opening is a long and winding road. Here’s how to navigate the journey successfully.
Can IHG buy cachet?
March 13 2015
By Pamela J.W. Barnhill With IHG’s buy of Kimpton, one might ask: What defines a boutique hotel today?
Revenue Management
How to raise hotel rates—at any rate
April 24 2015
By W. Chris Green Now is the time to adopt specific strategies to maximize rooms revenue. These five tips will help you get there. 
Optimization entails cross-discipline approach
November 14 2014
By Susan Spencer With the convergence of sales, marketing and revenue management, stakeholders must ask how best to structure these disciplines to take advantage. 
Revenue management tips for the busy executive
November 3 2014
By Nicole Young Communicating clear expectations, asking the appropriate questions and guiding strategic conversations might make your strategy meetings and monthly reviews one of the highlights of your week.
Sales & Marketing
How to convert calls, lower distribution costs
March 24 2015
By Doug Kennedy Hoteliers can offer phone-only rate specials to circumvent OTA bookings, thus lowering distribution costs.
Make reputation management a top priority
March 6 2015
By Robert A. Rauch Ensure that reputation management is a top focus among your team by setting goals and being present on review sites.
Is it time to return to rate disparity?
January 13 2015
By Doug Kennedy It’s the perfect time to return to “selective” rate disparity as part of an overall channel conversion strategy to drive more direct bookings.
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What parity play means for hotels to amend rate parity in Europe
Aron Q&A: What’s next for Starwood
How to grow from 0 to 122 hotels in 11 months
Kimpton, Even, dual brands on IHG’s to-do list
ARC Trust’s growth has endgame in mind
Smooth sailing so far in ABF migration
Charlestowne sees rising tide for indies
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