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HNN Editors
What’s alternative is becoming the new normal
February 5 2016
By Bryan Wroten Alternative-accommodations companies aren’t going away—they’re becoming more popular—so hoteliers should get ready.
Sharing economy pressures London housing woes
February 1 2016
By Terence Baker The sharing economy might be in the U.K. to stay, but there are plenty of opinions that believe tougher regulations need to be enforced. Some worry that the sharing economy will weaken London’s current housing market, which is already close to bursting.
Still searching for a unique hotel experience
January 29 2016
By Alicia Hoisington I read so much about hoteliers saying they must deliver unique experiences for guests. I’m still waiting to experience that.
Beyond business: Making a difference at ALIS
January 28 2016
By Stephanie Ricca This week there’s more to talk about at ALIS than just hotel business deals, and I think it’s a refreshing change. 
Fixed Easter dates to boost Europe?
January 25 2016
By Terence Baker Fixing a permanent weekend for Easter might improve hotel ADRs, purely because revenue managers can be in a position to better predict demand.
STR and STR Global
Industry outlook: A crash or soft landing?
February 5 2016
By Carter Wilson Hoteliers, analysts and investors aren’t quite sure what to expect of the hotel industry’s performance in 2016 and beyond. But what could previous declines tell us about what to expect when the industry does finally trend downward?
ALIS 2016 observations: The hills are alive
February 1 2016
By Jan Freitag Despite some encouraging RevPAR forecasts for 2016, hoteliers who attended ALIS are anxiously waiting for the bad news that the industry peak is over.
5 things I did not see coming in 2015
January 11 2016
By Jan Freitag Some happenings in the hotel industry caught me by surprise last year. Here’s why.
Is rate parity good or bad for the industry?
January 26 2016
By David Kong To decide whether rate parity is good or bad for us at this time, we need to assess if the original objectives have changed.
Technology drives changes in hotel industry
January 13 2016
By Robert Habeeb There’s no way to be fully prepared in a dynamic technology landscape, but understanding the rise of some innovations and what’s trending now can be a starting point.
Disruption is the new normal
December 11 2015
By A.J. Singh It’s time for the hotel industry to remove the term disruption from its lexicon. Those forces we all thought were intruding into the hotel business have become mainstream.
Hotel design inspiration on Berlin’s streets
February 4 2016
By Amy Jakubowski Highlighting individual human expression—even if it means looking in unexpected places such as street art—is one of our greatest tasks when it comes to hotel design.
Hotel industry offers career opportunities
February 3 2016
By Randy Pullen Despite the turbulence of labor issues in the hospitality industry, the business remains inviting and is full of career opportunities.
Modular construction and hotel design
February 2 2016
By Harry Wheeler Today’s hotel developers are considering the move to modular construction for reasons including time and cost efficiency. 
Tax issues can arise with portfolio sales
January 6 2016
By Bernice T. Dowell When a hotel sells as part of a portfolio transaction, the metrics produced from such information might not reflect the actions of the buyers and sellers in the marketplace.
Beware of third-party releases in bankruptcy
December 14 2015
By Jason B. Binford During a bankruptcy, what if the debt sought to be discharged in the plan is owed by another party?
Are you ready for overtime changes?
December 7 2015
By Christine Andrews Have you started strategic discussions about the effect proposed overtime regulations in the U.S. will have on your hotel? If not, now is the time to start.
ISHC Global Insights
Why employee engagement is vital for success
January 19 2016
By Michele Sarkisian Employee engagement is not a fad. Hotel companies need smart people strategies to perform at their peak. 
Open sales positions cost profit
December 9 2015
By Bill Scanlon Correct sales staffing and deployment are the keys in shifting your mix by bringing back the higher-paying customers.
How to manage a renovation during a recovery
November 19 2015
By Warren G. Feldman Here’s a look at how to walk the tight rope of handling your renovation with busy contractors, long lead times and short time frames.
How to manage expenses at independent hotels
January 27 2016
By George Jordan With forecasting, labor, scheduling, inventory control and purchasing in line, you are not likely to be surprised when your monthly statements are published.
The money no one is talking about
January 22 2016
By W. Chris Green Hoteliers should focus on a renewed F&B perspective, concentrating on quality, efficiency, profitability and the 1% approach.
Anonymous sources in reports can affect deals
January 21 2016
By Marc Grossman Anonymous sources and leaks are part and parcel of any major transaction. The former can be useful if used properly and with appropriate guidelines; the latter can be downright harmful.
Revenue Management
Analysis: Exchange rate impact on US rates
August 5 2015
By Jan Freitag The dollar has appreciated markedly against the euro. What’s the impact on average daily rate?
How to win in hotel revenue management
May 5 2015
By Ted Arps Now is the time to audit your revenue management practices. In so doing, you will be preparing your company for the eventual downturn.
How to raise hotel rates—at any rate
April 24 2015
By W. Chris Green Now is the time to adopt specific strategies to maximize rooms revenue. These five tips will help you get there. 
Sales & Marketing
Tips for catering sales training in 2016
January 20 2016
By Doug Kennedy If you are looking for maximum results from your catering sales efforts this year, follow these training tips.
Front-desk team is crucial to hotel marketing
November 24 2015
By Doug Kennedy A hotel’s front-desk team serves as the first impression. How staff members interact with guests can set the tone for the entire stay.
Why this hotelier booked with Airbnb
October 28 2015
By Doug Kennedy I’ve booked with hotels all my life. During a recent trip to Germany, however, my wife and I booked with Airbnb. I wasn’t disappointed. 
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Is rate parity good or bad for the industry?
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Industry outlook: A crash or soft landing?
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Consultants share trends, advice for 2016
HSMAI Digital Marketing roundtable
Concord embraces change
Red Roof Inn on international track
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